About Me

Stasia Wimmer Boschetti began her career in the fashion industry. Her travels around the world introduced her to worldwide cuisines which led her into the culinary world. There, she honed her cooking skills and became a private caterer. At the request of her clients she parlayed her eye for style and detail to design interiors. Today, she works as a culinary and design expert with 15 years’ experience.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Stasia is a graduate of the Flintridge Preparatory School, holds a B.S. in Fashion Marketing from Woodbury University, and has been trained and certified by The Protocol School of Washington®, in Washington, D.C. in Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol.

Stasia lives in Southern California with her husband, Giovanni, and their blended family of four. Stasia created Home And Feast to share her recipes, photographs, and stories with home cooks all around the world. She is an ardent reader of food history, farm-to-table supporter, and has a love for vintage cookbooks.

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